Water Order Form

Please note:  


  • The borehole water is for NON-DRINKING USE only
  • Water will be delivered in sequence of order
  • Deliveries will be done on Tuesdays only, once a minimum of 10 orders have been received.
  • Your order will only display on the delivery list the next morning (excl weekends)
  • Place you order when you are ready to receive the water
  • No postdated orders will be accepted
  • Please do not ask Stacy for weekly or monthly orders
  • For information about this service send an email to admin@croydon-estate.co.za

Service Fee:

  • R300 for 1000L
  • R500 for 2000L
  • R600 for 2500L
  • The order amount will be added to the levy account for homeowners
  • Tenants will be invoiced and must submit Proof of Payment by Monday 17H00

    1000 Litres (R300)2000 Litres (R500)2500 Litres (R600)

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